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OptimTex multilingual glossary of terms

This Glossary is meant to offer the students support for learning key textile terms of the 6 educational modules in all the languages of the project.
LANGUAGETERMTRL - Technology Readiness Level
DEFINITIONOriginally developed by NASA in the 1970s for space exploration technologies, TRL is a type of measurement system used to assess the maturity level of a particular technology. Each technology project is evaluated against the parameters for each technology level and is then assigned a TRL rating based on the projects progress. There are nine technology readiness levels. TRL 1 is the lowest and TRL 9 is the highest. (in https://www.nasa.gov/directorates/heo/scan/engineering/technology/technology_readiness_level). Many organisations have implemented TRLs for their own purposes, with certain organisations, such as the European Union (EU), further normalising the NASA readiness-level definitions, allowing for easier translation to multiple industry sectors ? not just space exploration. (in https://www.twi-global.com/technical-knowledge/faqs/technology-readiness-levels)
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