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OptimTex multilingual glossary of terms

This Glossary is meant to offer the students support for learning key textile terms of the 6 educational modules in all the languages of the project.
LANGUAGETERMMeso-scale textile mechanics modelling
DEFINITIONEngineers want to understand how fabrics behave in different circumstances, and model the fabric for this. This can be done on different scales. In Macro modelling, one models a fabric as a thin plate that covers an object, for example a human. No yarns are present in this model. In Micro modelling, one zooms in on the detailed constituents of the fabrics: the fibers forming a yarn which is present in the fabric, and sometimes even deeper: polymers or the different shells in cotton fibers. Meso-scale modelling is the level in between those types of models: not so rough only an approximation can be obtained, but also not too detailed which would give rise to too long computation time. For textile mechanics modelling, this normally means the yarns are considered in the simulation, but not the fibers which are the constituents of the yarns. TexGen is a software tool that can create virtual yarns for use in such meso-scale modelling.
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