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OptimTex multilingual glossary of terms

This Glossary is meant to offer the students support for learning key textile terms of the 6 educational modules in all the languages of the project.
LANGUAGETERMTie stitches/tie-in/tie-off
DEFINITIONTie stitches are extra stitches that are added before a beginning (tie-in) and the end (tie-off) of embroidery elements. Their purpose is to lock the thread in place and prevent it from pulling out when the machine starts sewing or trims (thread cutting off). It should be used at the end of any element in your design where jump stitches will follow, such as color change or the end of a design. Setting tie stitches appropriately for the design will help keep the design running smoothly as well as stay in the cloth after laundering.
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